DIY – (Do It Yourself)


We offer the most valiant among you the opportunity to acquire certain unassembled acoustic panels.
The material is delivered raw out of the factory after CNC cutting, all the pieces will have to be sanded and assembled / glued.
The parts do not have a number, there is no assembly plan, but, I will personally guide you through the assembly process.

The following acoustic panels are concerned: 2D quadratic diffuser, mk1, mk3 and mk4.

Price: -50% on the price of the assembled panel.

Price for unassembled modules, unless specified:

The complete 2D mk3 diffuser with its butterflies: 143cm wide x 70cm high x 27cm deep, $ 1160 (1333,71$ tx inc)

The 2D mk3 butterfly: 35.5cm wide x 70cm high x 27cm deep, with a curve on the edge. (each module) $ 330 (379.42$ tx inc)

The central 2D mk3 diffuser alone: 70cm x 70cm x 27cm, $ 500 (574.88$ tx inc)

The complete 2D mk4 diffuser with its butterflies: 159cm wide x 75.5cm high x 27cm deep. $ 1295 (1488,93$ tx inc)

The center 2D mk4 diffuser alone: 75.5cm x 75.5cm x 27cm deep, $ 575 (661,11$ tx inc).

2D mk4 butterflies: 41.5cm wide x 75.5cm high x 27cm deep (unitary) $ 360 each (413.91$ tx inc)

2D mk1 butterfly diffusers: 72.5cm wide x 32.7cm high x 18cm deep (unit) $ 250 each (287,44$ tx inc).

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