2D quadratic diffuser mk 3
papillon module


Material: 9mm cherry plywood or 0.35in.
Dimensions: 70cm x 27cm x 27cm, ending with a curve.
Theoretical target frequencies: 650Hz-10kHz
Weight: 11,33 kg unit (25 lbs)
Finish: natural
Mounts to the wall in the rear center of the speakers on either side of the 2D mk3 main module, forming a large 3-part diffuser.
Performance: Gain of about 25% when paired with the central module.
Reveals all the dynamic range contained in the music in order to obtain the Emotion.
Eliminates floating echoes, breaks standing waves, clarifies sound, makes it palpable, readable and deploys a musical field in 3D.
Installation advice: In pairs, on each side of the central diffuser 2 or alone as a paired pair to make a curved 2D diffuser.

Cost: 660$ per unit (758,84$ tx inc)

Non-contractual photo