2D quadratic mk 3
main central module


Material: Cherry plywood (6.35mm or 0.25in)

Dimensions: 70cm x 70cm x 27cm

Weight: 50 lbs (22.67kg)

Finish: natural

Theoretical target frequencies: 450Hz-14kHz

Installs on the wall in rooms of 10m2 and more.

Performance: Reveals all the dynamic range contained in the music in order to obtain the Emotion.

Eliminates artifacts and other colorations, breaks standing waves, clarifies sound, makes it palpable, readable and deploys a musical field in 3D.

Installation tip: in the rear center of the loudspeakers, as well as behind the listening area.

Fixing to the wall: via the tenon / mortise principle.

Fixing on legs: support 132 cm high or 52 in. (optional)

Cost: 1000 $ (1149.75$ tx inc)

Non-contractual photo